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Blueberry Crisp  10

cream cheese ice cream, oat orange streusel 

Caramel Profiteroles  10

chocolate sauce, coffee ice cream, candied almonds 

Valrhona Chocolate Layer Cake  11

malted crème anglaise, praline crumble 

Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée  11

almond macaroons

Hot Fudge Sundae  10

salty nuts, whipped cream

Blackberry Shortcake  10

vanilla bavarian, thyme roasted peach 

Famous Coconut Cake  13

pineapple sherbet, coconut dulce de leche 

Coconut-Blackberry Swirl Sorbet  9

blackberry crumble bites 

Small Plates

Sweet and Salty Chocolate Tart  6

pretzel caramel, caramelia bark

Stone Fruit Turnover  6

honeyed mascarpone


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