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2016, 2014–2012, 2008–2006, 2002–1999 Best of Boston;
Best Steakhouse 
Boston Magazine


2016–2004, 2000 Boston’s Best Steakhouse 
The Improper Bostonian


2014, 2012–2011 The 50 Best Restaurants
Boston Magazine


2013 3 stars (Excellent) 

The Boston Globe

 Best of New England – Editor’s Choice; Best Steakhouse

Yankee Magazine

2013 Best of New England – Editor’s Choice; Best Steakhouse
Yankee Magazine

 Best of Boston; Best Steakhouse 
Boston Magazine

 Diners’ Choice

2010 Best of Boston; Best Upscale Steak
Boston Magazine

2009 Best of Boston; Alex DeWinter: Best Sommelier
Boston Magazine

2008–2002 Best of—Award of Excellence
The Wine Spectator

2008–2005 Award of Ultimate Distinction
Wine Enthusiast Magazine

2007–2006 Best Steakhouse
Editorial Winner CitySearch

2007 Recommended “New” American Steakhouses
The Wine Spectator

2007 Top 10 Steakhouses in America
Playboy Magazine

2007–1996 Most Popular, Top Steakhouse, Top Service in Boston
Zagat Survey

2007–2005 Top 10 Steakhouses
AOL CityGuide – City’s Best

2007–2006 Best of New England, Best Steakhouse
New England Travel & Life

2006 Top 10 Steakhouses in America
Maxim Magazine

2006 Editor’s Pick – Best Steakhouse

2006–1998 Award of Excellence
Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRona)

2006 Best Steakhouse In Boston
Boston’s Weekly Dig

2003 Best of Boston Hall of Fame, Steakhouse
Boston Magazine

2002 Top Ten Steakhouse in North America by
John Mariani Town & Country

2001 Best of Boston, Sommelier
Boston Magazine

Notable & Quotable

If Boston’s love affair with all things techy and new ever wears you down, remember: Practice makes perfect, and few steakhouses have fed us for as long or as flawlessly as Grill 23.” 
Boston Magazine, best of boston—steakhouse, 2016 (read review)

Thirty-three years ago, Grill 23 emerged as the swank Hub chophouse against which others are measured.” 
the improper bostonian, boston’s best—steakhouse, 2016 (read review)

There aren’t many ways to transcend the cliches of the luxury steakhouse, but this clubby, handsome, locally owned Back Bay institution does so with a better class of boutique prime beef, dry-aged sirloins and rib-eyes, and unstuffy-yet-polished service.” 
the improper bostonian, boston’s best—steakhouse, 2015 (read review)

At this Back Bay institution, the toughest decision you’ll make is whether to sit downstairs amid the ebullient out-of-towners or upstairs, where locals entertain on a quieter scale. Either way, you can’t go wrong—and the same goes for the menu, which prides itself on great seafood. While you might be tempted to make a meal of the truffled tater tots, it’d mean missing the tender 100 Day Aged Ribeye.
food network, where to eat great steak from coast to coast (read article)

Grill 23 is still the boss of beef. It’s always had excellent timing—tenderizing rib-eyes with a 100-day age, or pulling lavishly marbled 10-ounce Kobe caps from the flames just as they begin to blush, so every medallion is evenly crimson.
the improper bostonian, boston’s best—steakhouse, 2014 (read revieW)

“This is where to come for fine cuts of meat treated right, one of the best steakhouses in town. (3 stars—Excellent)” 
the boston globe, 2013 (read review)

“With the best ingredients and a passion for perfection, you’re off to a good start.” Kenneth Himmel
boston COMMON magazine, 2013 (read article)

“A truly great steakhouse has exactly four essential elements: a bustling dining room, a fresh raw bar, top-notch sides, and—most important—expertly cooked beef.”
boston magazine, best of boston—steakhouse, 2013

Embrace the bustle and glamour of the expansive dining room at this Back Bay red-meat temple.
Boston Magazine, best of boston—SteakHouse, 2012

“As they’ve done for years, Grill 23’s got the beef with elegant a la carte cut of all-natural, corn-finished Brandt steaks—buttery, rich and tender as veal.”
the improper bostonian, boston’s best—steakhouse, 2012

“...what’s most important is a perfectly cooked slab of red meat. Here, it’s all sourced from boutique producer Brandt Beef, a family-owned, sustainability-minded operation that provides the serious cuts for Grill 23’s dry-aged rib eye, bone-in Delmonico and mammoth 24-ounce porterhouse.”
The Improper Bostonian, Boston’s Best—Steakhouse, 2011

“Even the most ardent carnivores eventually (begrudgingly) admit that this beloved steakhouse is actually a seafood joint at heart. Proof: mahi mahi with Maine shrimp; crab cakes jacked up with a generous dose of coriander; and a glorious tuna tartare spiked with ginger syrup and cilantro sorbet.”
Boston Magazine, SHEll-shocked, 2011

“Steak lovers extol the rib-eye for the deep marbling and for the cap (or deckle), a lobe of muscle so succulent that it often gets saved for the last bites. Richer still are rib-eyes cut from American Wagyu cattle, which spend 300-plus days feasting on potato, wheat, and corn (three times longer than the minimum for USDA Prime). Now just imagine what sort of beefiness would ensue if you could make steaks from nothing but deckle…of a Wagyu cow. Introducing Grill 23’s Kobe Cap steak: 10-ounces of moo-licious hedonism.”
Boston Magazine, Best of Boston—Upscale Steak, 2010

“...for a prime, dry-aged rib-eye with a power client (downstairs) or a significant other (upstairs), Grill 23 still rules the herd.”
Boston Magazine, Best of Boston—Steakhouse, 2008

“The pleasures of tucking into a thick, char-grilled steak and taking slow sips of rich red wine are deliciously enhanced by the powerful ambiance at Grill 23.”
New England Travel & Life, Best of New England—Steakhouse, 2007

“You could probably count on one finger the number of American steakhouses with a ‘flavor theorist’ running the kitchen.”
Playboy Magazine, 10 Best Steakhouses in America, 2007

“A steakhouse is only as good as its meat—which is Grill 23’s secret to success. Their beef comes from a small herd of purebred steer. That’s why their 16-ounce rib eye tastes like magic.”
Maxim Magazine, 10 Best Steakhouses in America, 2006

“Any good steakhouse offers oversized hunks of beef, a clubby atmosphere, and expert, deferential service. A truly great one, like Grill 23, has all that plus a chef who prides himself on going beyond the perfect sirloin.”
Boston Magazine, Best of Boston—Steakhouse, 2006

“Simply put, it’s the best place in the city to be a carnivore.”
Improper Bostonian Magazine, Boston's Best—Steakhouse, 2006

“It’s a most luxurious American experience.”
Alison Arnett, The Boston Globe, 2005

“Grill 23 & Bar—home to one of the finest and most diverse wine lists in the city.”
Stephen Meuse, The Boston Globe, 2005

“...a rock-solid 50-page wine list that includes about 850 selections from all quarters of the winemaking world. A three-pound Maine lobster ordered up to celebrate the first Red Sox World Series title in 86 years? With a bottle of Marc Aubert’s 2000 Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay from the Sonoma Coast or Verget’s 2002 Les Enseignères Puligny-Montrachet, it would be hard to go wrong.”
Wine Enthusiast Magazine, 2005

“Grill 23 is one of the most attractive restaurants in Boston…The Caesar salad was creamy, salty and delicious. The 18-ounce bone-in Delmonico was fabulous, the meat tender, salty and nutty, while the Filet Mignon was buttery and rich, and the New York Sirloin was fantastic.”
Anthony Giglio, Boston Magazine, 2005

Top 25 Restaurants in Boston
“Who says steakhouses have to mean cookie-cutter dining? Grill 23—begs and compels us—to differ, with its gleaming and marbled interior educated and sharp service, international wine list, and beyond-the-staples menu. Sure, you can find a classic Filet au Poivre (succulent to its core) and a porterhouse that would make Fred Flintstone weep with joy. But alongside the usual suspects are welcome additions like truffled tater tots and sweet little endings such as sticky toffee pudding. Make no mistake: The favorite is back on top.”
Alexandra Hall, Boston Magazine, 2005

“Grill 23 is the most popular restaurant in Boston: It’s the place people ask about; it’s the place for the special night out; it’s the one cab drivers invariably suggest. Although there are several other highly rated steakhouses in Boston--Grill 23, now more than 20 years old, is king.”
reviewed by Alison Arnett, The Boston Globe, 2004

“A killer wine list, impeccable service, and food that dares to rise above standard rib room fare. Do yourself a favor and book a table.”
Three & one half stars. reviewed by Mat Schaffer, The Boston Herald, 1999


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